Fashion Retail Goes High-Tech:
Are AR and AI Really Enhancing the Experience or Just a Clever Gimmick?

Exploring the Intersection of Industries

As technology continues to evolve, fashion retail is taking advantage of the latest trends by implementing Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the shopping experience. However, some critics have been questioning the real value of these new technologies in the fashion industry, wondering if they are just a gimmick to attract customers. So let’s dive deeper into the topic and explore some examples of how AR and AI are being used by luxury brands in fashion retail.

Burberry has been at the forefront of implementing AR and AI. For example, their virtual try-on feature powered by AI technology allows customers to see how clothing items will fit and move on their bodies, which can reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction. Gucci‘s AR-powered app also allows customers to virtually try on their sneakers, proving to be an effective sales driver during physical store closures.

Louis Vuitton has launched an AR-powered app called LV By Appointment, which enables customers to try on products and preview customizations virtually. Dior‘s AR-powered Instagram filter allows users to try on their sunglasses and lipstick. Chanel‘s AR-powered app also enables customers to try on their sunglasses and experience their products in augmented reality. Prada has launched an AR-powered Instagram filter that lets users try on their sneakers. Finally, Sephora’s AI-powered Virtual Artist feature allows customers to try makeup virtually and get recommendations based on their skin tone and preferences.

While some customers may be uncomfortable using AR to try on clothes or accessories, the technology provides valuable opportunities for fashion retail.

Luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have already launched NFTs to sell digital fashion items to customers. With more luxury brands entering the NFT space, we can expect a new wave of innovation and creativity in the fashion industry.

In conclusion, the use of AR and AI in fashion retail has the potential to enhance the customer experience, reduce returns, and increase customer satisfaction. Although some may question its real value, these new technologies are slowly becoming a norm in fashion retail. As fashion continues to merge with technology, we can expect to see more exciting opportunities in the intersection of fashion, technology, and cryptocurrency.

Mario Estrella

Mario Estrella

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