The Metaverse Era:
Unveiled at $3,499

The Dawn of Spatial Computing

Spatial computing has officially entered the chat, and it’s no ordinary entrance. With the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro, we’re not just stepping but leaping into an era that’s been eagerly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and futurists alike. With a price tag of $3,499, this device is clearly positioned for early adopters and AR/VR developers, but its ripple effects will be felt far and wide.

The Vision Pro is a VR headset that Apple positions as the world’s most advanced consumer electronics device. It boasts impressive displays and video passthrough so advanced that users can perform tasks like note-taking on their phones while wearing the headset​1​. The device features a design language reminiscent of the iPhone 6, brushed aluminum, shiny glass, and soft fabrics. Its front glass is an engineering marvel, curved yet appropriately lensed for the cameras and OLED screen.

Around the headset, you’ll find 12 cameras, a LIDAR sensor, a TrueDepth camera, and IR flood illuminators to ensure visibility in dark environments. It’s powered by Apple’s M2 and new R1 processors, which, unsurprisingly, generate a fair amount of heat. But don’t worry; Apple has designed the Vision Pro to vent that heat effectively.

Immersion Like Never Before

The display on the Vision Pro is next-level, with a 4K display for each eye and pixel sizes as small as 23 microns. This means reading text, looking at photos, and watching movies on the headset is a visually stunning experience.

The device also offers video passthrough of exceptional quality, boasting zero latency and sharp, crisp visuals. This feature enables users to interact with their real-world environment while wearing the headset, something unheard of with other headsets like the Meta Quest Pro.

Apple’s mixed reality capabilities are also impressive. The headset can automatically detect your hands and overlay them on the screen, making your VR experience more immersive. Furthermore, eye tracking and gesture control functionalities are significantly advanced, adding another layer to the user experience.

A Leap Into The Metaverse

Despite the absence of the term “Metaverse” in Apple’s announcements, the Vision Pro’s capabilities have sparked a resurgence in interest and investments in AR/VR technologies. It’s as if the “Metaverse” is no longer a bad word but the dawn of a new technological era. It’s a development that will undoubtedly shape the future of digital interaction and socializing.

Apple’s Vision Pro allows users to engage in FaceTime calls using AI-generated 3D “personas.” While there’s work to be done to refine this feature, it offers an intriguing glimpse into a future where our digital and physical identities merge seamlessly.

The Vision Pro has also sparked a surprising comeback for VR media. With its ability to display 180-degree 3D videos with spatial audio, it’s clear that the era of VR media is far from over. Instead, we’re witnessing a revival where this medium is set to revolutionize how we consume content and interact with digital spaces.

While the Apple Vision Pro may be an expensive toy or development kit for the next cycle or two, its implications for the future of technology are monumental. 

It’s not just a device; it’s a significant leap toward the spatial computing era and a grand inauguration for the Metaverse era. 


Abdullah Jhones

Abdullah Jhones

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