Bitcoin’s Big Ben Chimes for BlackRock

Did you hear that? That wasn’t the sound of another meme coin launching. No, that was the resounding chime of Bitcoin’s Big Ben, and it was tolling for none other than BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.

A Spot of Tea with Your Bitcoin, Sir?

Now, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the Bitcoin market – and let’s be honest, who hasn’t? – you’ll know that the history of Bitcoin ETFs has been, well, a bit of a damp squib. As it stands today, there’s a distinct lack of true Bitcoin ETFs on the market. Instead, we’ve had a smattering of trusts trying to track Bitcoin’s price through future contracts, resulting in a game of speculative cat and mouse that’s left investors more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles​​.

But then along comes BlackRock, strolling into the market like a lion entering a sheep’s pen. They’ve proposed a Bitcoin ETF that’s more like a spot ETF, which will allow them to purchase or sell bitcoins at the end of each trading day, thus ensuring that the ETF accurately represents Bitcoin’s true price​.

When BlackRock Met Bitcoin

It’s like a love story for the ages. You’ve got BlackRock, with an impressive record of getting ETFs approved and a portfolio so large it makes the GDP of most countries look like pocket change. 

Then you’ve got Bitcoin, the enigmatic and volatile darling of the crypto world, just waiting for the right partner to come along and sweep it off its feet.

And if all goes well, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Not only does BlackRock’s ETF proposal more closely resemble a true spot ETF but it’s also got the added bonus of having teamed up with Coinbase to serve as the custodian of the actual bitcoins purchased.

The potential impact? Well, if you thought the invention of the crumpet was a game-changer, you haven’t seen anything yet. The influx of institutional investors could send Bitcoin’s price to new heights, reshaping the dynamics of the entire market and having a profound impact on the future of Bitcoin and the crypto industry as a whole​.

But for now, let’s just say that the cryptocurrency world is buzzing with more excitement than a beekeeper’s convention. And with the likes of BlackRock stepping into the ring, it’s clear that the Bitcoin game is far from over. It’s not a circus, it’s not the wild west, and it’s certainly not a rollercoaster or rodeo. It’s a grand old British garden party, and everyone’s waiting to see what BlackRock will bring to the table. Stay tuned because this tea party is just getting started.

Mario Estrella

Mario Estrella

Mario Estrella is a seasoned journalist and digital marketing professional at, specializing in technology-related news. With over two decades of experience in the field, he brings a rich history of working in diverse media outlets and advertising agencies. Notably, he has been instrumental in driving significant growth in online presence and readership in his past roles​. At, Mario leverages his extensive experience and deep understanding of the digital landscape to deliver engaging and insightful technology news to the audience.

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