Kuwait to Crypto: ‘You’re Not Welcome Here

Here we are again, witnessing another episode in the endless saga of “Regulators Versus Crypto.” Today’s guest star is Kuwait, and oh boy, have they joined the ‘ban crypto’ bandwagon in style!

In an audacious display of regulatory might, Kuwait’s Capital Markets Authority has gone all-out, putting a full stop to virtually all crypto operations in the country. 

“Absolute prohibition,” they called it. Not a “partial” one, mind you, but an “absolute” ban. It seems they’ve been watching too much Star Wars and have fallen in love with the ‘absolute power’ thing.

The ban encompasses everything from payments to investments and even the nerdy delight of crypto mining. Basically, if it smells like crypto, it’s gotta go. Kinda reminds you of your spouse’s obsession with clearing out the garage, doesn’t it?

Are Virtual Assets Too ‘Virtual’ for the Regulators?

You’ve got to love the audacity. While they are busy banning all things crypto, they took a moment to enlighten their citizens to be cautious about the risks associated with virtual assets. 

Because apparently, having real money vanish into thin air is far less risky than fake money doing the same. And let’s not forget cryptocurrencies “don’t carry a legal status and are not issued or supported.” It sounds like an underdog story in the making, doesn’t it?

In all of this hullabaloo, securities and other financial instruments regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait and the CMA are excluded from the ban. And why not? You can’t mess with the old guard, can you?

The Fight Against Crypto: Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, or Just Fear of Change?

Kuwait insists its new regulations align with the country’s measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Well, isn’t that a sweet way to wrap a bitter pill? Because it’s a well-known fact that before crypto, money laundering and financing of terrorism were practically non-existent.

Oh, and just so you know, this isn’t just the CMA’s crusade. Several other supervisory authorities in Kuwait are reportedly singing from the same hymn sheet.

The Crypto Crusade: Global Phenomenon or Just an Unwillingness to Evolve?

And let’s not forget our friends over in China. Sure, they banned crypto on the mainland, but they decided to keep it all hunky-dory in Hong Kong. Because why ban something entirely when you can just confine it to one region and keep a close eye on it, right? 

Sort of like grounding your teenager but allowing them to party in the basement.

So, here we are in a world where regulators are hell-bent on fighting the crypto revolution, using everything from an “absolute prohibition” to a selective acceptance. 

But remember, the only thing constant in this universe is change. They might resist it, they might fight it, but can they truly stop it? Only time will tell. 

Mario Sifredi

Mario Sifredi

Tech, Crypto, and Finance Specialist Talented and creative journalist with 10+ years of experience in research and writing. Specialized in technology, cryptocurrency, and finance topics. Proven track record of delivering high-quality content. Strong investigative research skills and a passion for uncovering the truth.

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