BlackRock for Dummies

The Titan Sneaking into Your Crypto Wallet

You’ve probably heard of BlackRock. But if you think it’s a new edgy band or a type of mineral, well, you’re way off. 

Instead, BlackRock’s the mega-monster that’s quietly influencing the direction of the crypto world. Wondering how? Let’s dive deep into this beast’s den.

BlackRock: Not Your Average Joe on Wall Street

Ah, Wall Street, land of power suits, impossible-to-understand financial jargon, and surprise – giants like BlackRock. But who or what is this entity? Think of BlackRock as that popular kid in school. Not because they’re loud or flashy, but because they control a whopping ~$9TN of assets under management (AuM). Basically, they’re the high school quarterback of the financial world.

The Man Behind The Curtain: Larry Fink

Our story starts with a protagonist named Larry. No, he isn’t a character from a sitcom. Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, was once just another Wall Street bigwig. That was until he decided to bet big and lost >$90mm. Ouch. Talk about a costly oopsie!

But Larry’s misadventures taught him two things:

  1. Wearing a seatbelt (a.k.a. risk management) is kinda crucial.
  2. Trust isn’t just about sharing secrets at slumber parties; in finance, it’s a lifeline.

Remember that episode in your favorite sitcom where a character starts a business from their garage? Larry kinda did that, but instead of a garage, he had Blackstone Group. And voilà! BlackRock was born.

 So… What’s BlackRock Got to Do with My Bitcoins?

Good question, dear crypto enthusiast! Here’s where the plot thickens. Contrary to popular conspiracy theories, BlackRock doesn’t own your bitcoins. If Bitcoin were a pizza, BlackRock would be the delivery guy. They make sure your investment (or pizza) gets to you, fresh and delicious, without actually taking a bite themselves.

But here’s where things get spicy. Remember those moments in movies where the main character has connections in high places? Well, when the Federal Reserve (the headmaster of U.S. money) had some bad apples (toxic assets) to deal with, they dialed Larry’s number. When they wanted to backstop the economy? Yup, they called BlackRock.

And now, BlackRock wants to step into the world of Bitcoin ETFs. Kind of a big deal, considering their stature.

The Plot Twist: BlackRock’s Interest in Tokenisation

Larry, our protagonist, has always had a knack for financial innovation. In the same way that our parents struggled with setting up WiFi, the traditional financial world has been a little slow to understand the magic of tokenization, especially when it comes to real-world assets.

But guess who’s excited? BlackRock. Why? Because Larry knows the power of wrapping things up. Just like that burrito, you’re fond of, wrapping up financial assets can lead to yummy opportunities.

The Circle of Trust… and Money

To show they’re not just all talk, BlackRock invested a cool $400mm into Circle. It’s like watching two popular kids team up to become the ultimate power duo. BlackRock’s partnership with tech giants like Coinbase further solidifies its position in the crypto realm.

So, here’s a tidbit for your next dinner party: “Did you know that BlackRock’s Aladdin is to them what AWS is to Amazon?” You can thank us for that nugget later.

The Future: SEC, Bitcoin ETFs, and a lot of “Maybes”

The big question on everyone’s mind is if the SEC will give a thumbs up to BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF. It’s like waiting to see if your favorite show will be renewed for another season. There are hurdles, of course. 

Questions on market manipulation and the need for a surveillance-sharing agreement loom large. But given BlackRock’s omnipotent presence, they’re certainly not a contestant to underestimate.

So, in the grand scheme of things, BlackRock is playing a significant role in bridging the world of traditional finance and crypto. It’s like watching your grandma learn to TikTok – a little unexpected but undeniably fascinating.

Mario Estrella

Mario Estrella

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