Crypto and the Future of Ownership

A Tectonic Shift 

“As the world turns, borders are becoming meaningless; the next step for humanity is to enable a way to interact in a frictionless manner.” In an era marked by heightened globalization and digital interconnection, this statement resounds more significantly than ever. According to a 2022 report by the World Economic Forum, our world has witnessed an accelerated pace of globalization, fueled by the rise of digital technologies and the relentless repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The lines that divide us are blurring, the walls are falling, and in this evolving landscape, “we need the means to pay for goods and services as efficiently and with as few intermediaries and delays as possible. In the same way, we need a universal way to own.”

Traditional fiat currencies are teetering on obsolescence, grappling with inefficiencies that render them sluggish, costly, and cumbersome for cross-border transactions. In contrast, cryptocurrencies emerge as the modern-day financial David against the Goliath of fiat currencies – they’re nimble, cost-effective, and streamline payments across borders. “When you are interacting with people across the globe, you need to collect and deliver payments without the added costs of the middleman.”

A 2022 study by the World Bank shines a spotlight on the glaring issues with the conventional financial system, revealing that “the average cost of sending a remittance is 6.3%.” In a world striving for financial inclusion and equity, this translates to a hefty $6.30 fee for every $100 remittance sent. 

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Cryptocurrencies, armed with decentralized technologies like the Bitcoin Lightning Network, promise to dismantle these financial barriers, enabling remittances at a fraction of the traditional costs. “As the walls fall down, we need to be able to transact without borders. And to own without hassle.”

Venturing beyond mere transactional advantages, cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are forging a new frontier in asset ownership. “It doesn’t matter if cryptocurrencies are the work of the devil, a psyop from the NSA, or the gateway drug for the ultimate tyrannical play of the powers to be. We need a new way to own!” 

This digital ecosystem holds the potential to democratize ownership, offering a lifeline to individuals in countries plagued by economic instability and inadequate financial infrastructure. The essence of ownership is being redefined – transparent, secure, and unfettered by geographical constraints.

Is Crypto the answer? Maybe not, at least not this Crypto. I don’t buy for a second the fairytale of an oriental cryptographer sitting in his basement pissed off because of the Lehman Brothers crisis. That silly story reeks of government. It’s so cheap that only a government agency could come up with the stupid idea. It’s on a Q level of bullshit, just ask Raul Paul.

You can see the Propaganda written all over the movement: “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins,” “Crypto is a marathon, not a sprint,” “DYOR” “HODL,”… and To the Moon! That is Propaganda 101!

And don’t get me started on NFTs!! Monkeys??? Really?

The NFT market is riddled with speculation, with tales of fortunes lost on meme investments and dubious digital art making headlines. “We are in the dark ages, throwing hours of hard labor into jokes, even worse… pictures of jokes! There are stories of kids who lost their parent’s homes on memes.”

As we stand on the precipice of a financial revolution, the image of our generation hangs in the balance. “Imagine in the future when your great-grandson studies our generation, are we depicted as the frog picture hodlers? To the moon!! Really?” 

This is just the beginning. There is a huge change happening, as big as the French Revolution. Let’s hope it is not as violent. And that Change needs a new way to transact and to own.

The challenges are manifold – regulatory uncertainties, market volatility, and the perception of crypto as a speculative investment rather than a legitimate means of payment. 

“It’s like Vegas and Wall Street had a love child after a drunken night, and it’s being raised by nerds. As long as we see cryptocurrencies as a way out of our miserable lives, we are going in the wrong direction.” 

Remember the scam of the moon plots?

19.95 and get your moon acre!! Well, eventually, Elon is gonna do it, and for that, you need a new form of ownership.

Fast forward to 2040, and we find ourselves at the crossroads of reality and the metaverse, a confluence of dimensions where traditional fiat currencies are relics of a bygone era. 

The emergence of the metaverse, touted as a “$8 trillion opportunity by 2030” by Goldman Sachs, necessitates a reimagining of ownership and transactional norms. In this brave new world, the digital realm of cryptocurrencies and NFTs offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of ownership.

As we navigate the uncertainties and potentials of this digital renaissance, a word of caution and a dash of humor are warranted. “Meanwhile, have fun tossing your hard-earned dollars at ugly-looking monkeys.” The road to a decentralized and democratized future is fraught with risks and uncertainties, but the vision of a borderless world where ownership is redefined is a compelling one. 

The quest for a frictionless and efficient way to transact and own is more pertinent than ever, and crypto, despite its flaws and controversies, might just be the key to unlocking this future.

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Mario Estrella

Mario Estrella

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